Soft Services

AYS has a vibrant mix of trained professionals, with a lot of importance given at the time of recruitment in terms of document checks and verification, pre deployment training and on the job continuous training. The core of our services we take utmost care to make this the best of our offering with attention to the smallest detail truly imbibing the spirit of service with an attitude of gratitude.We take care of residential as well as commercial spaces. We apply our experience and knowledge which we have gained over time to maximise the longevity of your appliances and equipments resulting in savings too.



Most important on any facilities check list should be vigilant security. This ensures all further systems and processes fall in place inside the premises. All incoming and outgoing traffic in terms of man and material is filtered at this level and will ensure a standardised and high quality operational level inside the facility. Protection from theft and malpractices and at the same time safe guarding staff, customers and assets of the facility is high on our priority list. We offer a wide range of security services in line with your expectations and requirements.


Technical Services

Any facility needs a smooth running of its electrical and plumbing assets. We can take care of these equipments on your behalf and keep them running smoothly with minimum downtime ensuing timely maintenance and service thus ensuring their longevity and offer best suited economical solutions for you. We provide reliable technicians who can work with all types of machines and equipments. By providing technical services not only in the form of electrician & plumbers but also taking care of your expensive equipments like generators and motors by having a tie-up with the authorised vendor, we strive to give you a complete end-to-end facility management services.


Support Services

  • Office Assistant
  • Help Desk Services
  • Pest Control
  • Accountant

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